All European Women’s Cultural Cooperation and Solidarity Association (TAKIDD) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO). Members of the association are from all over Turkey and belong to very different professional groups. Although the headquarters of the association is in Ankara, it operates throughout the country. One of the main purposes of the association is to consolidate and strengthen the cultural interaction and exchange between Turkey and the European Union countries. This aims to improve the mutual understanding of Turkish and European women in social, economic and cultural fields and to improve the way EU and Turkish women view and approach each other.


The aim of the association is to establish and strengthen the cultural cooperation dialogue between Turkey and other European countries in different fields, to sustain and develop them, to engage in and participate in initiatives aimed at achieving a full and mutual understanding and harmony in the fields of culture, ideas, arts and sciences through exchange, to assist the work of official authorities within the framework of the Cultural and Cooperation Agreements between Turkey and Turkey, and to gather people who are interested in Turkish and other European cultures in order to realize the objectives of the Association and participate in its activities. During all these activities, it is to contribute to the understanding and development of democracy and democracy culture in real terms, especially the defense and development of women’s rights in Europe, by generating ideas. TAKIDD is open to establishing long-term and sustainable partnerships with similar cultural and social organizations, and carries out these activities both in Turkey and in other European countries. Developing projects for reputable international umbrella organizations together with other partners is among the main objectives of TAKIDD. In parallel with this, TAKIDD has participated and is participating in various EU projects.